Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry In Aldie

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Keep Your Child Safe & Comfortable

Sedation Dentistry

If your child is nervous about an upcoming dental appointment at SmileKids! Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Nadgie and the team are here to help. Dr. Nadgie is a board-certified anesthesiologist, so you can be sure that we are current with the safest
and most advanced techniques of sedation dentistry for children.

What To Expect

The Process Of Minimal Inhaled Sedation

Minimal inhaled sedation, (also known as laughing gas), is a simple process. When your child comes in for their appointment, Dr. Nadgie will place a comfortable mask over their nose. Once the mask is in place, they will simply need to breathe
in through their nose whenever Dr. Nadgie instructs them to do so, and inhale the laughing gas.

Laughing gas sedation will make your child feel a little bit giggly, and reduce their anxiety and negative feelings, while helping to mitigate pain and discomfort. They may feel a little bit confused, but will remain fully conscious and responsive
to commands.

Once your child’s procedure is over, Dr. Nadgie will pump pure oxygen through their mask for a few minutes to remove any laughing gas from their system, and ensure they recover quickly and experience minimal side effects.

boy getting teeth examined

Ease Their Anxiety

Minimal Inhaled Sedation For Kids

Minimal inhaled sedation is easy to administer, and does not require a pill or needle, making it perfect for children, even those who are very young.

Your child will also feel less anxiety and nervousness, allowing them to sit still and remain comfortable throughout their treatment, which will help Dr. Nadgie perform their required procedure more quickly and effectively.

Safe and Easy

Does My Child Need Minimal Inhaled Sedation?

If your child is very anxious or nervous about an upcoming dental appointment like a filling, minimal inhaled sedation will help them feel comfortable, and may be a good option. It’s also useful if your child has trouble sitting still in the dentist’s

Minimal inhaled sedation can be useful if your child has a fear of needles, as numbing needles are often required for fillings and other similar treatments. It can also help inhibit your child’s gag reflex, which makes it easier for Dr. Nadgie
to perform treatment on their rear teeth.

The best way to find out if your child needs minimal inhaled sedation is to contact the team at SmileKids! Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Nadgie can explain the process in more detail, and help you understand if it’s right for your little one.

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Low Risk, Highly Effective

Side Effects Of Minimal Inhaled Sedation

Minimal inhaled sedation has no significant or dangerous side effects, and is completely safe. It wears off in minutes.

Your child may get a headache or experience other minor symptoms like dizziness or nausea. These after-effects are very limited, however, and will be over quickly. After they are gone, your child will feel completely normal.

We treat kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens!

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