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When Do Kids Start Going To The Dentist?
Parent and child at a a lap dental appointment at  Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry in Aldie, VA Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry offers new, stress-free services for toddlers. Lap visits provide an opportunity to calm you and your child's nerves so that they can get used to going to the dentist, which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

What Is a Lap Visit?

When it is time for your child's first or annual dental exam, you may be wondering how to handle them while they are in the dentist's chair. The lap visit technique provides a way for dentists to safely examine the inside of a toddler's mouth and keep toddlers comfortable throughout their whole appointment!

This process starts with one parent and the kids dentist sitting opposite each other. The child sits on the parent's lap face-to-face. When comfortable, the child is encouraged to lie back. Their head is then resting in the dentist's lap and while the child can see you, we can take a quick peek inside their mouth. We may apply a fluoride treatment to protect the teeth from decay, but in most cases, it is nothing more than a short examination just to check everything seems fine.

The Goal of Lap Visits

Although you may be wondering why it is necessary to bring your child to the dentist at such a young age, it is an important milestone in their development. When they are young, visits to the children's dentist tend to last only minutes, which builds their confidence that nothing bad happens when they go to the dentist. This is crucial for your child to build a trusting relationship with the dentist and not be anxious about it in the future, which could prevent them from going for treatment. We aim to make the visit as quick as possible and will answer any questions or concerns you have about caring for your child's oral health.

Early Dental Visits Are Crucial to Dental Health

Let your child's oral health be a lifelong journey with you! Starting early will make all the difference to their future dental health. Developing good habits as a toddler can save them from tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems later on. It is also important to look after baby teeth as these are placeholders for the adult teeth.

Children should have regular check-ups, especially if there has been an injury or something that doesn't seem quite right. Mouth development continues until the age of 21. Thus, anything abnormal could mean things aren't developing normally and may require intervention from a kids dentist.

Being on the road to good oral care from an early age is not only beneficial for us but necessary. A child's tooth decay will be affected by their habits as a toddler, and these effects can begin at just 12 months old. In order to have healthy smiles that last into adulthood, parents need to teach children how important dental hygiene is starting when they're young so there aren't any bad habits established which could lead them down the wrong path. Children who have good oral hygiene habits will not only avoid toothache and other dental problems, but research has indicated that kids with good-looking teeth grow up to be more confident and self-assured than those who are embarrassed by their smiles.

If you'd like a lap visit for your toddler at our pediatric dentistry office, Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry, call (276) 663-0065 for an appointment.

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Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry offers, stress-free services for toddlers. Lap visits provide an opportunity to calm you and your child's nerves so that they can get used to going to the dentist.
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