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Gum Disease Therapy for Children

Young child revealing their lower gumsYou may be asking if kids can develop gum disease. The answer is that persistent gingivitis is typically prevalent in children of all ages, even if more severe types of gum disease are uncommon in children. The good news is that serious problems may be readily prevented if parents take a working role in their child's oral health regimen. Gum disease may often be prevented and treated.

What is Gum Disease in Children?

Plaque is a sticky coating that develops on your teeth and gums as harmful bacteria, food particles, and sugar accumulate. Plaque bothers us because it can create swollen, irritated, and bleeding gums when it accumulates. If it worsens, teeth may become loose and the soft tissue supporting them may suffer injury. That is an advanced stage of gum disease. The milder relative, gingivitis, is more common in children.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

There are several gum disease symptoms that your child may be exhibiting. These include bleeding while brushing or flossing your teeth, receding gums, loose teeth, persistent foul breath, pus between the teeth and gums, and changes to the jaw alignment and bite. In gingivitis, the first two symptoms are common. If the gum disease worsens and is not treated, the remaining symptoms could manifest over time.

Causes of Gum Disease in Children

A buildup of plaque and poor oral hygiene are the two most important factors contributing to gum disease in children. It is also possible that there are other factors that can affect your child's likelihood of developing gum disease. Some of these factors include certain genes, food particles lodged in the gums, poor nutrition, smoking, autoimmune or systemic disorders, diabetes, and hormonal changes.

Gum Disease Treatment and Prevention in Children

If you don't take action, gum disease won't disappear by itself. As soon as your child develops gingivitis at an early age, it can be treated with routine dental checkups and by implementing an oral hygiene routine that is consistent at home as well as regular dental checkups. More regular dental examinations, such as deep cleanings every three months, may be required if the gum disease has already advanced to a more serious level.

Gum disease can be avoided by maintaining good dental hygiene. Make sure your child flosses every day, visits the dentist regularly, brushes his or her teeth two times per day, and consumes nutritious foods that are low in starch and sugar.

Our hope is that we can help raise your awareness of how gum disease affects children as well as how you as a parent can play an important role in preventing gum disease. Would you like to put your child's smile on the right track? You may schedule an appointment for your child by calling Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry at (276) 663-0065.
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