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Emergency Dentistry

Little girl taking a drink of waterIf your child has a toothache, breaks a tooth, or experiences any other dental emergency, Dr. Nadgie is here to help. Contact the team at Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry now at (276) 663-0065 for a same-day emergency appointment in Aldie, and get your child the treatment they need.

Same-Day & Weekend Emergency Appointments

We always offer same-day appointments for kids in Aldie at Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry. If possible, contact us at (276) 663-0065 to let us know you’re coming in. Calling ahead ensures that you get the care your child needs quickly. However, we also accept walk-ins at 24560 Southpoint Drive, Suite 240, Aldie, VA 20105.

Upon request, we also do provide some weekend emergency appointments. Get in touch with us now to inquire about your options, and get your child they care they need!

Pediatric Emergencies

A dental emergency is any condition that is causing your child pain, discomfort, or oral bleeding. The most obvious emergencies include dental injuries like loose, knocked-out, cracked, or broken teeth.

But there are a lot of other things that count as emergencies, too, including serious toothaches, bleeding gums, pulled-out or lost fillings and crowns. Even things that may seem minor, like a piece of food or debris that’s lodged between your child’s tooth and won’t come out, can be a dental emergency.

If you think your child’s having an emergency, you’re probably right. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so contact SmileKids! Pediatric Dentistry right away for an appointment.

What Should I Do In A Dental Emergency?

The first thing that you should do is contact our office. Some conditions, like a knocked-out tooth, must be addressed within 1-2 hours to save the tooth, and all dental emergencies should be treated ASAP.

If your child’s tooth has been knocked out, recover it if possible and put it into a container of cold milk. Pulled-out dental work can be put into a small plastic baggie.

If you have time before your appointment, you can take a few steps to minimize your child’s pain and discomfort. Gauze or cotton balls can be used to absorb blood, and children’s Tylenol or Motrin can be used to help with pain. Applying an ice pack to the cheek can also help with swelling and discomfort.

However, you should prioritize coming to our office as soon as you can. The sooner your child gets treatment, the better the outcome of their dental emergency will be.

The Importance Of Immediate Dental Care

There are multiple reasons to seek immediate dental care for you children, the first of which is to relieve them of their pain or discomfort. A damaged or broken tooth can be extremely painful.

You’ll also minimize the risk of complications, and ensure the best possible outcome for your child. If you don’t get help right away, your child’s condition could worsen, possibly resulting in the loss of their tooth.
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