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Digital X-Rays for Kids

Child holding up an xray of teeth on smart deviceA visit to the dentist can be stressful for both parents and kids. When you take your child to the dentist, they may recommend getting a digital X-ray. Dr. Nadgie Ortiz and Dr. Ortiz at Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry have noticed how x-ray recommendations can cause parents to get alarmed and become anxious due to safety concerns.

Are Digital X-Rays Safe for Kids?

One of the major concerns parents have regarding digital x-rays is the radiation exposure to their children. However, parents must be assured that the benefits of receiving digital x-rays outweigh the disadvantages. Although traditional x-rays are also safe, digital x-rays are considered even safer.

The experts at our facility take all necessary precautions to ensure your child is safe during the x-ray. Using devices like thyroid collars and lead aprons allows us to safeguard our child's body from radiation.

Moreover, we employ advanced equipment and x-ray machinery made with safety in mind. When your child gets an x-ray from our facility, we make sure they are comfortable and happy every step of the way.

Why Are Digital X-Rays Important for Kids?

Digital x-rays are essential for children since they allow dentists to see what's happening in your child's mouth. Dentists may not be able to detect some abnormalities in your child's mouth during a general checkup. A digital x-ray shows them what's going on under the layer of the gums.

This enables the specialists to detect abnormalities or issues such as cavities early on and treat them before they cause damage, saving your child from discomfort or having to undergo major dental procedures.

What is the Process of Getting a Digital X-Ray?

Many parents think that getting a digital x-ray involves their child sitting in front of, or inside, heavy machinery that may scare them. However, this is not the case. Our experts will instruct your child to sit in a dental chair beside the x-ray unit during a digital x-ray.
If your child is nervous, we also allow parents to help them through this process by sitting the child on the parent's lap. We provide lead aprons to everyone in the room to ensure safety from radiation. Although digital x-rays produce minimal radiation, the lead aprons allow us to be 100% sure everyone is protected.

Next, an expert instructs your child to bite down or hold the x-ray so we can capture high-accuracy images. The digital x-ray process is safe and seamless at our facility, and your child will not even realize that the x-ray process is complete.

The x-ray films are available for dentists and patients immediately. Lastly, our experts examine the x-ray and offer your child oral health advice or treatment (if necessary) accordingly.

Parents who visit Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry for digital x-rays can rest assured their child is safe during the process. The latest technology and innovative equipment like lead aprons allow our experts to ensure your child's safety during a digital x-ray. If you have any further questions or concerns about our digital x-rays, you can get answers by contacting us at (276) 663-0065
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